Diversion Over Incarceration

I will emphasis diversion programs and work with community members to provide access to treatment for individuals who are suffering from substance use disorder and mental health issues. We cannot allow the public health crisis to be solved by locking people up. I have experience working with diversion courts and programs and would increase their use in Cumberland County. I will increase access to Drug Courts, Veteran’s Courts and alternative approaches to address criminal behaviors. I will help break the cycle of incarceration that disrupts peoples lives and hurts our community by using jail as a last resort.

Restorative Justice

I will increase the use of Restorative Justice and put victims in the center of criminal dispositions. As an Assistant District Attorney, I have participated in bringing restorative justice practices to Kennebec County. I have seen how this process can change lives and provide a more satisfactory resolution to victims, increase accountability for perpetrators and achieve a more just result.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

As a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prosecutor, I believe that domestic violence and sexual violence do great harm to our community. This harm echoes throughout the lives of individuals and their families caught in cycles of violence and who endure guilt, fear and shame. Everybody should be safe at home. In 2017, nine of the twenty homicides in Maine were domestic violence related. It is vital that our next District Attorney understand domestic violence and have the knowledge and experience to effectively prosecute offenders. Sexual violence is also pervasive. It is widely under reported and difficult to prosecute. I have the tools to aggressively prosecute incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault and keep all of our community members safe.

Modern, Proven, and Cost-Effective Justice for All

As District Attorney, I will bring the full range of my knowledge and experience to the office to reduce costs, effectively prosecute perpetrators and provide rehabilitation solutions for nonviolent offenders. I want to make the DA’s Office “Smart on Crime.” Efficiently using criminal justice resources to increase community safety. This means seeking the longest sentences possible in child sexual abuse cases and felony domestic violence cases while focusing on rehabilitation whenever possible in other cases. We also must ensure that our system is fair and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Because the vast majority of individuals facing criminal prosecution will return to the community, it is vital to assist them in gaining the tools they need to be successful. With individuals that are truly dangerous, the emphasis must be on protecting the community. I know how to make the tough choices needed to effectively use prosecutorial discretion for the greater good of our community.